Prevent Mental Illness And Enjoy Good Health

Mental health – at times – is even more important than your physical health. You should not wait for the illness to set in before you take care of your mind. Rather you should do everything within your capacity to prevent such thing from happening. There are four most important factors that contribute to good mental health and these are as follows:

  • levels of stress,
  • quality of sleep,
  • amount of exercises, and
  • the right nutrition.

mental healthYour mental health is of paramount importance. This is because it is important that you could take care of yourself and your family. It is not possible to have a healthy body with an unsound mind and it is not possible to take care of self or anyone else without a sound mind. Good mental health would help you to live your life to its full potential.

When you have good mental health, you would be able to find solutions to your problems, plan your personal and professional growth, make friends, build relationships, and contribute to your family and country through your work. It is important that you pay close attention to the health of your mind and do all within your power to ensure that it is healthy and it continues to stay healthy.

How Do Ensure The Your Mind Stays Healthy?

Just as you have to do exercise to ensure that your body is healthy and stays that way even through the senior year, ensuring that the mind stay healthy also takes special efforts. To ensure that your mind is healthy you need to pay attention to all the factors that make it healthy:

(1) Ability To Empty Mind Of Stress Before You Go To Bed – stress is a killer in more ways than one. There are many ways in which stress can affect your mind – daily stress at work or at home, a traumatic event/ accident, a death in the family or someone you loved, and so on. It is very important that you recognize the symptoms of stress on your mind and eliminate it. Some of the key symptoms that signal that your mind is stresses are:

  1. A sense of anxiety for no apparent reason
  2. A constant feeling of slipping into acute depression
  3. Low self-esteem and low belief in self
  4. You are easily angered
  5. Dissatisfied with job, your home, in general with all and everything
  6. Have difficult in concentrating  on anything, including things that you previously loved
  7. Suffer much too often of stomach upset

physical health(2) Exercise Of The Mind – there are two types of exercise and both are important for you. First, is exercise that makes your mind stronger and healthier. Read, solve puzzles, learn a new language, solve things mentally, and definitely remember some phone numbers so you would not be dependent upon any one.

Second, you need to ensure that your body is healthy as well.  Introduce yoga or regular exercises into your life. Just 5-15 minutes every day can change your life completely.

(3) Ability to Have Quality Sleep  - the maximum regeneration of the brain and body in general takes place during the night’s sleep. You will need to ensure that your sleep provides you with adequate rest, or your professional and personal lives would not suffer.

(4) Ability to Provide The Body With Adequate Nutrients: eating is not enough. Eating right is important. Get hold of a nutritionist and make a chart about your weekly meals.  Besides, you should ensure that your daily nutrition includes all that is necessary for the body and mind to grow to its optimum potential.

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my ramblings.  I think health is the most important topic on the planet because without health, there is no life, and without life, there is nothing else for you!  You must remain healthy to enjoy the lovely adventures life sends your way, and the best way to stay healthy is to be preventative and take immediately action upon contracting an illness.  Learn the details and ways to stay healthy by reading The Headologist!

Oh, and a disclaimer:  Always talk to your personal doctor before taking any advice on the internet.  Some of us don’t have credentials and are just hobbyists.  Consult a professional before starting any diet, exercise activity, or mental health pursuit.